Law is always on your side when understood. Let's help you.

Law is always on your side when understood. Let's help you.

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Client Testimonials:

A dear friend of mine, Geena, recently went through a lengthy and often trying process to establish residency in the United States. She was so pleased with the outcome - her permanent green card. What Geena appreciated more than all the technical skills was Dee's integrity and compassion. Dee is one of those few lawyers who really does care for her clients, and who all too often went "above and beyond" the call of duty to help Geena during times of greatest stress and anxiety.

Dee will put all of her immigration savvy, tenacity and resourcefulness to work for you as she did for Geena. You will be glad you did, and it may make your life a whole lot brighter.


I consulted with Dee regarding changing my name as a Permanent Resident, awaiting to apply for citizenship. She was very honest and advised the most cost-effective solution. There aren't very many lawyers out there now that aren't money hungry or all about billable hours and I was so glad to have found her. I highly recommend her for any service!


I went to Dee based on the 1 previous Yelp write-up, and I was very happy with the result. She was completely honest and helpful. No sales pitch, no pressure. She treated me like an intelligent human being, and gave me both the good and bad with straight-forward explanations.  I highly recommend her, and would definitely use her again (which is saying a lot given my experience with lawyers).